Focus Records

Bringing Talented Artist Into Focus

Founded by  Dj Illogik in 2015, Focus Records was created to cater to Djs and Hip-Hop heads that appreciate dope music and talented artists. Created in the Midwest and now based on the East coast, Focus Records shines a light on new Independent artists with Golden Era Hip-Hop icons to support and promote not only the art of the 4 elements of Hip-Hop but the rich culture itself.

Beginning in the mid-2000s, with the help of crew members: Dj Zest, Mr. Markis, Skingraffik, Dj Fungus, & others, Ill Logik packed Northern MI full of energetic live shows rocked by talented artists. Soon after, Ilogik moved to the  DMV in 2014 where he would eventually birth Focus Records.  Having worked over the years with artist such as Ak iLL, Guilty Simpson, One Be Lo, Jamall Bufford, El da Sensei, and A.G., Ill Logik and Focus Records keep creating new music year after year.

Recently, Dj  Illogik and Ak ILL finished their work on their latest album “Optimism."  and now Illogik is in the process of finishing his 4th album, “Time & Tenacity”. Always creating and building a better future for the Independent Hip-Hop community, Illogik, and the  Focus Records roster is currently hard at work with more releases to come in late 2020.

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